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Reach, teach and impact even greater!

LiveCopy fosters a engaging experience for proficient and passionate niche experts who desire to reach, teach and impact greater.

I'm Angelina Musik, founder of Wellness by Choice™.  LiveCopy™ is specifically designed for Wellness by Choice™ niche experts who are passionate about helping others live smarter, healthier and happier. Experts, who are dedicated to growing their visibility, credibility and impact over time while maturing their product and person in the most meaningful way.


The LiveCopy™ Process:

Facilitates the personalized and confidential journey of its niche experts who desire a place to create what they are proficient in and passionate about.

Introduces niche experts to individuals and professionals who share a similar interest and passion and wish to both benefit personally and/or professionally.

Empowers education based niche experts to create their best content with the help of constructive and relevant feedback through contributions from likeminded peers who invest a few dollars a month in their subscription package of choice.

Grows the visibility, credibility, brand and impact of its niche experts by affording each expert their own niche syndication or digital broadcast network up to and across 96 U.S. cities plus PR, marketing, speaking and other opportunties.