hand-held guidance

engaging recognition

content development

amplified outcomes


↑ visibility

↑ credibility

↑ sales

↑ bookings

ive copy


Imagine a much better bigger deal!

LiveCopy fosters emotionally rich engagement for a much better outcome.

Our hand-holding guidance with LiveCopy offers a rich experience for authors to reach, teach and have a greater impact. By engaging and recognizing fans in content development they amplify outcomes which are syndicated across our local, regional and national networks - further growing your relevant audience.


Authors and Fans

Instead of authors going it alone, LiveCopy excites privately subscribed readers with snippets and iterations of the pre-release work for feedback and contribution while funding the author. Contributors feel a sense of ownership and are rewarded with recognition and may be cited in print and/or syndicated online.


Authors and Editors

LiveCopy offers a private work-space for authors and editors supporting mutual efficiency and accountability and timely book launches.